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Sync Licensing for Beginners Featuring DIY Music Biz - Part Two


90 Day Program that covers Music, Money and Marketing Mastery - Comprehensive Curriculum on Music Industry Essentials** - In-depth exploration of music production techniques and trends. - Understanding the dynamics of the music industry and how to navigate its challenges. - Money Management for Musicians** - Financial planning and budgeting tailored for artists. - Strategies for monetizing music through various channels, including digital platforms and live performances. - Insights into music rights, royalties, and ensuring your work is properly compensated. - Marketing Mastery for Music Success** - Developing a strong brand and online presence as an artist. - Effective use of social media, email marketing, and other digital platforms to grow your fanbase. - Techniques for creating compelling content that resonates with your audience. - Exclusive Insights from Industry Experts** - Guest speakers sharing their success stories and tips on marketing, SYNC placements, tour advice, and management. - Q&A sessions with professionals from different areas of the music industry. - Hands-On SYNC Placement Opportunities** - Understanding the process of getting music placed in films, TV shows, commercials, and video games. - Practical advice and steps to approach SYNC opportunities effectively. - Guidance on Planning and Executing Successful Tours** - Planning your tour itinerary to maximize exposure and revenue. - Tips on booking venues, marketing your shows, and managing tour logistics. - Effective Artist Management Strategies** - Building and maintaining a productive relationship with a manager or management team. - Self-management tips for independent artists. - Networking Opportunities within The Friend Zone Community** - Collaborative projects and peer feedback sessions and more!

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Single Payment
The Friend Zone
$97.00/month + $5.00 Membership fee


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