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"I've got $50 to my name, no money in the bank, the label is dropping me, and I am being evicted from my place in three days", is what I told my aunt who was helping to manage my career at the time.  

It was 1995. I was living in Montclair New Jersey and I think the record label just had enough.  

I'll never forget, I purchased an Escada purse from Macy's for $500 when I first got signed.  I returned it.  That's how I got my ticket home.  That's how broke I was.  

What the hell did I do?  The Label is saying money is missing from the budget?  Why does the Label think "I" have money?  I have nothing!"  These are the thoughts that raced through my mind, as I stood in my Granny's living room in Southwest Detroit, trying to figure a way up -- not out.  

My Aunt and I spent the next day going over a prospectus or proposal to present to the label to keep me on the roster.  Basically to sign me directly vs. dropping me.  

I remember speaking with my then Lawyer, who had exposed EVERYTHING!  What my initial terms "really" entailed and how I was misled, misguided, and misinformed up until that point.


I remember thinking to myself, "I am giving these mutha f'ers too much credit?  How is this any different from being in poverty?  

Can I tell you a secret???

For all that I didn't know at that time and as flabbergasted as I was to learn the truth, what I found out then, barely scratched the surface to what I know now.  I mean barely.

Artists were getting signed with advance monies and some royalties, but not all.  And there was NO ownership.  NONE.

So... I did what any young woman in my position would do, I switched gears.

Let's give it some gas, shall we?

I traveled the world on my own terms.  I sung, performed, and toured with the biggest names in Music.  I performed as the opening act for the biggest names in hip-hop and even learned to write songs and vocal compose.  I sang with Orchestra's and I even auditioned for X- Factor (remember that show?).

God turned it around!  I had one album, and we did three major deals on one single project.  I had my own label, I worked with major companies like Ford, and I finally saw my first 6 figures in Music.

Fast Forward to 2018, Atlanta, GA.

The Music Industry has a way of making you think, you're never doing enough.  Have you ever felt this way?


No matter how much you've accomplished, there's always a quiet whisper in the room that says, sure you did that, but what about this?"

I had moved from Queens to Atlanta.  By this time, I've worked tremendously hard to gain momentum.  So, in 2018, I decided I had one more thing to prove.  I was a free agent and many people I sought to do business with, treated me as if I didn't have talent anymore.  That's when I discovered...


A few books I read, helped to change my thinking; and they were:

Abundance Now

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Building a Story Brand

The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding

Those books helped me to develop my pitch to Kobalt and write and co-produce the music that would eventually land the deal.  So, to pay it forward, I formed The Friendship Society, where we create strategies within Music for, Business, Wealth & Relationships.

The main objective and goals are to provide you with strategies that are like conduits to your wealth and then provide resources that will sustain and grow your ARTISTRY and Business Acumen.

My aim is not about popularity, but overall effectiveness.  How can we all power through fear and become fearless?  How effective can we be in our communities?  If the answer is very effective, then I know that I am doing the job I was assigned to do.  

With that being said, I invite you to come along on this journey with me. 


I'll be sharing my life hacks and lots of good stuff to keep you on the steady path to greatness.

But more importantly, keep your eyes and ears open!

Strategies are paramount.

- Joya Owens

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