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  • The Sonic Innovators Lab:

    Every month
    Production, Performance & Promotion". 90 Day Cohort
    Valid for 3 months
    • Advanced Music Production Techniques
    • Dynamic Performance Skills
    • Strategic Promotion and Branding
    • Digital Innovation in Music
    • Guest Sessions with Industry Pioneers
    • Mentorship opportunities and more
    • Flexible Payments Plans Available
  • The Friend Zone

    Every month
    +$5 Membership fee
    Music Business Mastery Unpacked -90 Day Cohort
    Valid for 3 months
    • Money Management for Musicians Financial planning and more
    • Marketing Mastery for Music Success - Brand Success
    • Exclusive Insights from Industry Experts Guest speakers
    • Hands-On SYNC Placement Direction
    • Guidance on Planning and Executing Successful Tours
    • Effective Artist Management Strategies
    • Networking Opportunities within The Friend Zone Community
    • Comprehensive Curriculum on Music Industry Essentials
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