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Music Festival

if your music isn't making you money &
You're consistently releasing, you're probably
leaving money on the table

Music Monetization and retaining all of your royalties, to Publishing and placements to Social Media Strategies & Touring, etc., etc.

>>>and that's exactly what we've helped hundreds of music creatives fix

c'mon in, I've got your back

Joya Owens's Headshot
It would be amazing to say, "I've got my core fans!  I'm seeing 7 figures to date.  We just need to grind a little harder & we should make it to 8 figures soon".  

It's time for your earning & royalties to reflect the same value that you invest in your craft, so that you can become an award winning, accomplished & (more importantly) wealthy artist...

and build a business that creates a legacy, not just release songs.

Joya Owens by Corey Reese

When you're ready to...

Get expert guidance from professionals who understand the music industry and  has years of experience in helping artists monetize their music successfully

...receive personalized, solutions tailored to your specific needs by working with someone who understands your goals and ambitions & has a passion to help you achieve them

get the latest trends and technology offerings & innovative strategies you won't find anywhere else.

Experience The Friendship Factor: The Friendship Society is more than just a business partner - they're a friend and a support system. They genuinely care about your success and work tirelessly to help you achieve your dreams. 

Let's get you positioned to stand out & grow your fanbase -- not stuck in the same place, this time next year...

Because, if i'm being honest...

helping music creatives is very PERSONAL to me.

We want to give Creatives the attention they should have and deserve, but far too often do not receive.  Because Monetizing your IP is not only needed, it's a must if you hope to have income that is residual.

The Friendship Society's status as the first artist-led coaching and consulting company is significant because it offers a unique perspective on the music industry.


We understand the struggles and opportunities that come with being in the music industry and we use that  personal experience to offer practical advice and innovative solutions that help other artists achieve their goals.


By being artist-led, it allows us to place high value on creative autonomy, personal growth, and emotional support - principles that are often overlooked by traditional business coaching and consulting firms.


Overall, The Friendship Society's edge as an artist-led company provides a fresh and reliable resource for recording artists looking to build successful and fulfilling careers.

Joya Owens in the studio
Website Image for TFS
I've seen a noticeable increase in revenue streams, improved brand recognition, and a stronger connection with my fans. I can't recommend their services enough to any musician looking to take their career to the next level. Thank you to this amazing team for all you do!"

Maggie, Atlanta

NOPE, this package is not cheap...but you get what you pay for -- it's customized for YOUR business.

Recording artists today face an ever-growing list of challenges that can make achieving success in the music industry an uphill battle. From competition and constantly changing industry standards, to navigating the digital landscape and maintaining a healthy work-life balance, it can be a daunting path...

We're on a mission to create 100K millionaires through monetization & social media business strategies.  Don't be stuck in this SAME place, this time next year.  Click below and GET STARTED TODAY!!

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